Dog Grooming in Yaletown

YOUR YALETOWN Dog Grooming Specialist

Having served the downtown yaletown area in Vancouver for over 15 years, our experienced dog groomers will tailor each dog grooming service to your doggie’s needs.


  • Bath with our premium hypo-allergenic shampoo
  • Precise Nail Trimming
  • Sanitary Shave (if needed)
  • Anal Gland Expression (small dogs only)
  • Ear cleaning (plucking if needed)
  • Coat Brush-out

Our full style and cut includes all of the above, plus a full professional haircut for your doggie. We also do standard breed cuts as well.


  • Proof of current vaccinations for Distemper combination, Rabies and Bordetella is required.
  • Please bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination certificate if you are a new client.
  • If an update to your file is needed we can contact your vet for confirmation.
  • Puppies must have their third (or equivalent) set of shots.


  • Female Dogs in Heat cannot be accommodated.
  • Aggressive dogs cannot be accommodated.
  • Please call regarding breeds.


For pricing, please call is us at 604.685.6088 or contact us here.